BBM Rewards South Africa

Most Common Questions

How does BBM Rewards work?

BBM Rewards is simple. Here’s how it works…

  1. Log in… each day that you login, you earn R1
  2. Unlock… complete 2 activities and if you have R10 in your account, your Rewards are unlocked and will be applied towards your Free mobile airtime within 3 days*

Activities include completing surveys, and completing other online activities such as online shopping or requesting a free life insurance quote.
*Your points and activities rollover each month.

How do I complete an activity on BBM Rewards?

BBM Rewards provides the easiest way for you to earn FREE mobile airtime across all major mobile networks. Through the completion of activities through BBM Rewards you will be rewarded with mobile airtime. The activities include:

BBM Rewards is simple. Here’s how it works…

  1. Free Surveys – give us some of your time and your opinion and we will pay you back with FREE mobile airtime. There’s no limit to the number of surveys that you can complete and amount of FREE mobile airtime that you can earn.
  2. Offers - download a new mobile application, sign up for trial or complete other activities and be rewarded with FREE mobile airtime.
  3. Shop Online – if you are going to shop online, use BBM Rewards and access our online retail partnerships. In return, you will be rewarded with FREE mobile airtime.

Start earning your FREE mobile airtime through BBM Rewards now!

How to I redeem for mobile airtime?

You don’t have to do anything - we do it all for you!

Once your account hits at least R10 AND you have completed 2 activities within BBM Rewards, your total credits will be debited from your account and uploaded to your mobile number as free airtime.

You can also accumulate as many rewards as you want before you complete your 2 activities.

I have earned R 10, where is my mobile airtime?

If you received a BBM message stating that you have qualified for FREE mobile airtime, you can expect your mobile airtime to be redeemed on or before the end of the following month. If it’s the end of the following month and you still haven’t received your mobile airtime, please go to ‘Help’ and submit a request and our teams will investigate.

As a reminder, if you earn R25 by April 30th, the entire amount will be moved to pending and then applied to your mobile airtime on or before May 31st. During May, you can continue earning new credits; if you earn at least R20 by May 31st, your new May credits will be applied to your mobile airtime on or before June 30th.